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proactive thinking examples

Learn more about taking initiative by reading our in-depth article on 17 Tips on How to Take Initiative at Work. Listen to other people’s opinions, suggestions and viewpoints. Look neat and presentable at all times. Make an effort to regularly declutter your desk. Give your best efforts at all times and take pride in doing a good job. Take into account time zone factors which can affect meeting times especially when international meetings are planned, the time differences can be significant. Estimate how long it would take, identify the steps needed to fulfill the commitment and remind yourself what the commitments are. Critical aspects in responding well to a telephone call include: A challenging part for callers is when they are transferred from one person to another. At all times verify if you have included an attachment. When following up, personalize your email and refer to any email or communication you had previously sent. Outsourcing labor intensive activities e.g. Also assess additional new tasks that that have been added to your plate. It helps to keep you on track and reduces the risk of forgetting to do something that you were supposed to work on. Ask good questions to gain deeper understanding or to clarify instructions and assumptions. Be proactive in finding solutions to problems. What areas and skills should you improve on? Other tips when responding to complaints include: owning up and apologizing when something goes wrong, providing clear instructions, checking in, offering high quality customer care and negotiating and persuading. Read articles, news reports and industry publications. An article written by motivational speaker, Craig Harper in 2007 explains it like this: Reactive is, ‘I’ve got massive chest pain and pins and needles down my arm. repeating back critical information such as names, numbers and addresses. Covey uses existential psychiatrist Viktor Frankl as a supreme example of being proactive even when it seems you’ve been stripped of every last bit of your autonomy. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines commitment as “an agreement or pledge to do something in the future.”. Give yourself a cushion to cope with unexpected situations, surprises and last minute requests. There are constant changes in the world of business. Here are just three of the many situations in which it’s very good for you to know how the concept of reactive vs proactive works. Communicate key priorities with your boss or team so that they know when to support you or steer clear to give you room to work. Extra role responsibilities (i.e., those tasks outside of your stated job description) speak to an employee's organizational citizenship behavior (OCB). Prioritizing begins by writing a list of all the tasks which you need to do then ranking them according to importance. A reactive business strategy is one that will start to take care of an event only after it has already happened. The Salary and Net Worth of the Highest Paid Entrepreneurs, Net Worth of Elton John: A Musical Legend for The Ages. What new things should you start doing? In fact, it can refer to a number of things, as you are about to see in this article. For example, form a study group with fellow students to pool resources and ideas and to encourage each other -- something that is particularly helpful if a class proves difficult. Additionally when thanking your customers and also when sending reminders for subscription renewals. When responding to calls from colleagues, bosses or customers, speak in a clear and upbeat voice, and be ready to offer help and resources e.g. Otherwise, you could end up anticipating the wrong problems and focusing on a course of events that might never happen, or that aren’t all that important, to begin with. Being proactive builds your personal brand and reputation at work. Now, this concept can be a little abstract for some. Having a standardized routine for your workday is beneficial. Evidently, since no one can actually predict the future, you cannot possibly be proactive in every single situation given. Think of what information and suggestions you can share to help others improve their behavior and succeed at work. Plug your commitments into your calendar and monitor your progress as you work towards meeting the pledges. 1. Properly filed and well labelled documents; factoring review periods or quality control for work done; scheduling regular status update meetings and having standardized scripts for repeatable processes such as sales calls. Proactive students find ways to round out their education and develop meaningful relationships, both of which can enhance their education. Do not ignore replying. It is a good idea to have all your meetings and appointments in one calendar and look at it every day. Being proactive is a way of thinking and acting. Additionally, take a moment to double check whose email address is on the ‘reply to’ line. Please send your feedback by clicking on the link below: Purchase your EBook that has all of our best career success articles in one volume, From Resumes to Interviews to Job Promotions to Resignations and, Download your Free EBook that has original Motivational and Inspirational Quotes. Being well rested and alert helps improve your response time. You could also state what your normal business hours are to give callers an idea of when they can expect to reach you or hear from you. Leaders who want to make a lasting impact on their organization should strive for proactive, rather than reactive, leadership. Even when circumstances limit choices, a proactive person will find where he can still exercise his agency. How do you keep your calendar under control? Assess your capacity to enter into new commitments. Additional efficiency methods include regularly reviewing existing processes to make changes as appropriate and identifying what is working and what is not working; designing a map of the office layout showing where different staff are located; providing good training for new staff and interns and maintaining good posture and comfortable seating. Estimate how much time it would take to complete tasks to have an idea of how your day would look like and stay focused as you complete the tasks at hand. Primarily, there are two ways this question can be perceived. Be on the lookout for potential slip ups in tasks that you don’t enjoy but still have to do. Being proactive is a way of thinking and acting. One way of going the extra mile is checking in on clients a few weeks or months after you have delivered a project just to see how things are going. In addition let your boss hear your mistakes from you first or any potential holdups. Learn solid tips on how to be proactive at work to help propel you further in your career. Proactive people are constantly moving forward, looking to the future, and making things happen. Apart from that, you can shift your focus to making progress and not on threats that might not even be there. Remember to deactivate this once you return to the office. REACTIVE “I wish I could take 6 months off and travel the world but I can’t because I have to work and I don’t have enough vacation.” PROACTIVE #1 “Although I would love to take 6 months off and travel, my financial security and my career are currently more important to me. It is also helpful to know the roles of different people in the company and keep an internal phone book nearby. Give an early heads up over any anticipated setbacks or delays. On the other hand, a proactive one can anticipate the challenges your business might face at a specific moment in time. Having a tidy work area and knowing where everything is, is liberating and helps boost your productivity and responsiveness. Proactive development means solving many of the problems you already have or that arise over time before they become a major problem. Some risk management might be needed here. The proactive employee would, for example… When it comes to thinking, the difference between being reactive and proactive is all about timing. Being proactive means thinking and acting ahead of anticipated events. Typically a task that is being avoided has the potential to be problematic when the deadline is looming closer and the work has not yet been done or even started. Being proactive builds your personal brand and reputation at work. Ways of anticipating problems include conducting surveys to find out undercurrents, analyzing recurring or cyclical events that have been problematic in the past and zooming in on those areas prone to breakdown before they do so. Begin by understanding what the request is, what is needed and by when. Taking initiative is the next logical step after being proactive.

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