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education policy of pakistan 2020

Because of the worst education system in Pakistan, parents don’t enroll their children in school, instead, they make them earn money at a very young age in hotels/local shops etc,. One such example is available from 2016 when a Physically-challenged Faisal Malik, clinched the top position in the intermediate examinations in Abbottabad district in KP. May Allah strengthen you and bless you.stay safe.I need this artical in pdf form can u share with me by mail.if its possible for you other wise its fine .My mail address is: [email protected]. Zobaida Jalal, former minister of education, Balochistan, Pakistan @ZobaidaJalal. how many students of your have made it to MIT or any other notable institution. of Pakistan needs to address this issue with a policy to unite all of them and make them sure to follow one best and updated syllabus. In this modern world, Teaching is considered the most special and important field. It is a big slap to the Educational System of Pakistan. @Tammu, sanity can prevail in sensitive and thinking people. The ESED has started prizes to the top position holders of Government Schools. By the year, a widening gap has separated beneficiaries of elite private education from those crippled by bad public schooling. The fundamentals of education, education policy, system and its oversight are inadequate to say the least. The fundamentals of education, education policy, system and its oversight are inadequate to say the least. How to Create a Professional Blog in 2020 – Complete Guide... Not enough schools in rural places as compared to their population. Education Become a Profitable Business: Drawbacks of the Education System in Pakistan (Disadvantages): How to Improve Education System in Pakistan: Suggestions for Improving Education System in Pakistan: Panel Discussion on Improvement of Education System in Pakistan: Achievements that Improved Education System in Pakistan to some Extent (2013-2020): Sindh School Monitoring System by Sindh Govt. Under the PTI, defence is the only sector seeing increases instead of cuts. While some madressahs now teach secular subjects like English, science and computers, this comes after much arm-twisting. It put special emphasis on improving quality, equity and governance. Scrap teaching in English: We focus on English too much which is why we’ve ended up with so much rote learning. Currently, you see a school under a tree with two teachers in one place but a primary school with a huge building and many teachers in another place – the same is the case for curriculum, teachers’ qualifications and examinations. Due to low quality and lack of industry linkages, students are not getting jobs even on completion of their Ph.D. degrees, utilizing the technology would help to address the shortage of teachers.”. Why have we mixed our priorities? Incentivise teachers to learn as they earn: Teachers should be encouraged with salary incentives to take college qualifications and get a bachelors degree. for your comment and compliments. The Sindh School Monitoring System spreads across 15 districts and to the remotest parts of the province. Education Policy 1972: Zulifqar Bhutto announced a National Education Policy on 29 March 1972. In the government sector, teachers are mostly employed by politicians in favoritism/bribery. Now #ItsTime to roll the table and improve the education system in Pakistan with urgent and big steps. The Punjab government has made teaching of the Holy Quran compulsory at the college and university level. We will be fine!! A famous quote of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah: “Education is a matter of life and death for Pakistan. Pakistan Government’s focus is on the problems of Pakistan to be solved, at last, they said: “The country’s future lies in providing marketable skills to youth and enabling them to earn a respectable livelihood”. However, at the middle school level, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is in the second spot after Punjab. Thus, it is fraught with uncertainty and even risks. To encourage girl’s education KP Govt. When is Imran Khan is going to bring his two sons from England and register them into schools and colleges in Pakistan. We also may say that the prequosites of standard education systems have not be defined or attained yet. It collapsed because its process of making steel is obsolete. But they are spoiled by poor education system. Reforms in education system improved parents confidence, more than 34,000 students migrated from private to government schools in 2016, while this year a record of 151,000 students have been migrated. The major programs and targets proposed for promotion of higher education include: increase access from the current 8% to 15% of the 17-23 age group; initiatives of establishing community colleges in underserved areas to prepare certified technically competent manpower; establish 15 new public science and technology universities; facilitate the establishment … they join teaching. but to alter the whole SNC policy is rediculous. Imran Khan’s government is poised to inflict damage upon this country’s education system in a manner never seen before. Can't agree more, nice synopsis of current state of education in Pakistan. While the Arab countries are moving towards modern education Pakistan seems to be going to the 7th century. Teaching methods in Pakistan are obsolete, lack of competent workforce can drag the economy down further. Let him start the equality from his own house. General Information. I hope the prime minister can change course if/when things don't work out. Pakistan's best and brightest, the ones who do well in the O and A levels move abroad. All minds are not the same and they are not supposed to do the same thing. We need to get better at promoting the value of education to parents and children. No Unity (Different Curriculum/Syllabus): 6. It is first out of the box approach of PTI govt. Graduates could be an inspiration and motivation for others but they themselves are unemployed. The objectives of education system should be imparting of critical thinking, creative thinking, problem solving skill and life skills to the students. They only depend on the jobs with meager salaries which also need practical skills in this modern age.

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